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Extreme Environmental Physiology

02 Sep 2019 08:00 - 04 Sep 2019 18:00 - University of Portsmouth Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3AH

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Humans are tropical, low altitude, air-breathing mammals. So with only 15 % of our planet not being water, desert, ice or mountain, the majority of Earth represents a hostile place for us. Given this, how do humans manage to visit other worlds, summit the highest mountains, dive into the high pressure underwater world, run marathons in the desert, visit the frozen poles and swim in Arctic waters? How do fish, penguins, frogs and polar bears endure extreme cold, whales dive under cold water for 90 minutes, geese fly over the summit of Everest and camels, lizards and rats live in extreme heat without water? How does an understanding of the physiology underpinning these abilities help patients survive and athletes succeed, inform our understanding of ageing, disease and dysfunction, and inform the search, rescue and treatment of those in peril? The answer to these questions and others can be found at our meeting Extreme Environmental Physiology: Life at the Limits, at the University of Portsmouth in September 2019.

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